Jesse St. Jon Wallace


Assemblage: Old rusted car muffler found in the yard of an old friend, black plastic trash bag filled with cotton and x-mas lights, wall mountable towel racks, dead flowers, tea strainer, nightlight bulbs, electrical tape, fabric, assorted rusty mechanics…etc 5.5’x20”x15” 

A medley of metaphors shaped into one.  Let me begin to explain.  The piece itself represents an artist, specifically me, and my influence and production of art and the process displaying it.  The muffler is the final product of creativity.  It is the end result of the energy and fuel utilized to make a motion.  I display a vivid heart protruding from the piece, as in to say, “I am revealing myself to the world within my work."  It is my most vulnerable state.  The black lung represents my weaknesses.  Within that lung you will find cotton and lightbulbs.  Cotton is my symbol of thought, mind fog. Misty mind fog.  That fog is filled with lightbulbs.  My inspiration.  My weaknesses are my inspiration.

The creation of this piece happened during I time in my life where many things were changing, I was realizing the blandness of the world.  The destruction of imaginary lands, monsters and gods. A renaissance of my mind.  Although, I would never fear the dark once had, I will hold onto the feeling through memory.