Jesse St. Jon Wallace


Jesse Wallace is based out of Grand Rapids, MI and is working on sculpture and furniture design related projects.

Jesse was educated at the College of Charleston, SC in the Visual arts and Arts MGMT.  He also received several awards from the college in the field of visual arts.  This includes the Best in Show overall, Presidents Award, 2010. As well as, Best in Show sculpture, the previous year. 

After college, he gained employment at a designer lighting factory, where he learned many skills related to non-ferrous metals. He also began building furniture with a table manufacturing company, strengthing his knowledge of woodwork and steel manipulation.

The focus of Jesse’s work is to plant himself within the past with found object. To take something lost and renew it and make it relevant again. Taking design from the past and reapply it with a modern context.


N. Charleston Cultural Arts Festival 2010

Young Contemporaries 2010

Young Contemporaries 2011

Saul Alexander SOLO 2013
it takes a long time to build nothing

Pretty girls Feminist art exhibition Group 2013

Jailbreak Group 2013

Swamp lands, Performance, King Dusko 2013

Tivoli Gardens Group Show 2014

Broke Yolk Group 2015

Landrum Tables SOLO 2017

Life Nature Death PaLatte Group 2018

The Hot Spot Opening Group 2018

Heartside Ministries Funraising Gala Group 2019

Ritual Gallery Naked Day Celebration Group 2019

Lions and Rabbit Exhibit Space Group 2019

Homelessness to Hope at THe Gaillard Auditorium Group 2019